Diwali Haul and Daily Desserts!

For me shopping totally uplifts my mood. Since the bad weather in Chennai dampened my Diwali spirit, I decided to revive it by shopping (lame excuse btw.. :P) So here is what I bought:

  • Lakme ColorCrush nailcolor Nos. 07 (orange) and 06 (green) : Rs 125 each
  • Maybelline Colorama nail color in Amarelo Sol (yellow) : Rs 85
  • Faces nail colors in Atomic Orange (18), Sparkles (13), and Ultramarine Blue (04)
  • Lotus Herbals FloralGlam lipstick in Nude Glow
  • Maybelline Color Bloom Colorchanging lipbalm in Pink Blossom
  • Maybelline Refreshing Tinted Lipbalm in Cherry & Strawberry (for my mom)
  • Lakme Cheek Artist – Kiss of a rose : Rs 395
  • Lipice Sheer color Lip conditioner: Rs 230
I know a lot of these can be bought at lesser prices online but there is nothing like visiting a store (minus the traffic) and looking and testing out various makeup products, discovering the right color by swatching a hundred million things and impulsive shopping!!!

Bata sandals: Rs 350

Bata ballerina shoes: Rs 350 approx (don’t remember the price :( )

Swatches and reviews coming soon! 

Here some pictures of the cakepops and chocolates I made for the orders that came in for Diwali. For those of you who didn’t know, I run a dessert shop called Daily Desserts which works on order and delivery basis for now :) 

 And here is a sneak peek into what Im making for Halloween:

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  • Kirthi

    Amazing, amazing stuff, Deepika!!! I totally LOVE the beautiful yummies you’ve made for Daily Desserts! I had eyes ONLY for the beautiful culinary awesomeness you’ve created, and I’m totally in awe =) Rockstar!!

  • Thank you!! But I def need to work harder.. and thank you for supporting me throughout! <3

  • wowww… awesome shopping dear….

  • Thanks Deepa.. I went shopping for the upcoming giveaway and I shopped so much for myself 😛

  • Awesome haul!! I loved ur cute ballerina shoes…
    And the diwali desserts are awesome!! My mouth is already watering!!!

  • Ani

    what a haul deeps…………… the nail pops are great……… want to waatch the reviews of yellow colorama and green nail crush and liplace….

  • @Shruthi: thank you! you get better ballerinas in bata in really pretty colors but unfortunately nothing was in my size :( and ill def bring chocolates for you when we meet :)
    @Ani: Thanks Ani.. Reviews will up soon but Im sure these would look much better on your nails than mine :)

  • Ani

    thanks yaar………………:)

  • you should actually run a desserts blog as well! I’m dying to know how u made em all!:D

  • i have one.. called yourdailydessert(dot)blogspot(dot)com.. but i just dont have the time to update it.. Ill work on it soon and let you know :) ill be posting simple dessert recipes in this blog though.. :)

  • Hey that’s so sweet of you! thank you!!!!

  • woowwwwwwww !!!! 😀 Awsm haul deepika & awsm desserts.. i have sweet tooth.. gosh i was in chennai lol 😀

  • Thanks upasana :) the next time you come here do let me know :) will make some for you too! :)

  • Nafisa

    I love ur haul!! N the cakepops are so innovative n drool worthy :-)

  • :) Thank you..

  • mereko sare chocs chahiye.especially d hawollen ones :)

  • tulips!! Welcome to Divassence! Come to Chennai and ill make for you.. for sure :)

  • ohh my!! these are so pretty.can’t u courior these to me…plzz plzzz plzzz pretty plzzz :((

  • ohh im just seeing this.. I love ur cakepops.. how do I order these?

  • @Rekha Do you live in Chennai? Mail me at contactdailydesserts(at)gmail(dot)com and ill send you the details. Will be opening a fb page in a few days and then you can directly order from there :)

  • yes very much in chennai :) sending u email rite away :)