Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Lipstick: Infinitely Fuchsia: Review/Swatch/FOTD

Being the lazy woman that I am, I strongly believe longwear lipsticks are a boon. Usually weird thoughts like whether I’ve eaten my lipstick, whether I need to touch up go through my head when I’m out. And long wear lipsticks (whether they promise what they claim or not is another issue! ;)) ) assure me that I don’t need to be bothered about my lips. So when Maybelline launched their SuperStay range I knew for sure that they were here to stay! (pun intended) 😛

Maybelline has been hitting the right note or atleast they know how to make us all burn a hole in a pocket 😛 with all their recently launched products. Not only did they launch fantabulous products in terms of quality, but they also launched a variety of products to satisfy all their loyal customers.

Price: 525 INR for 3.3g (a little pricey for lesser quantity compared to other Maybelline lipsticks??)

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a really cute tube with a white cap and transparent lower half through which the color of that particular lipstick can be seen.

Color: In terms of the colors in this range, there is something for everybody. You can check the swatches here. This particular one, Infinitely Fuchsia is a super intense, bright fuchsia.

My grandmom, mom and I were trying to figure out what this lipstick smells like and guess what it slightly smells of cough syrup! 😀 My grandmom recently had her cataract done and when I took the lipstick next to her to identify the frangrance, she asked me what I was doing with a cough syrup!! 😛

Coverage: You can expect nothing less than full coverage here. In terms of coverage a swipe is enough for full coverage. That way this lipstick is a sure shot winner.

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I’ve noticed that there is a slight transfer of the lipstick to the glass while drinking water. But that didn’t affect the color on my lips. I tried removing the lipstick with several things (I experimented on my hand :P). The lipstick didn’t budge when I used cream but was completely removed when I used the Lakme Bi Phased Remover.

When I applied it, it glided on my lips like a satin lipstick would but stuck/adhered to my lips like a matte lipstick would do. In the beginning it looked pretty okay, but after a few minutes, my lips became dry and my lower lips started shrivelling up; I tried applying a lipbalm over it and that solved the problem of the dryness but the matte effect disappeared and I wasn’t sure if the lipstick would last as long as it was supposed to.
The fine lines showed up pretty badly.But I guess thats how long wear lipsticks are, aren’t they? Exfoliating your lips and a lipbalm is a definite much needed preparation, but despite that there is still a little dryness (atleast I faced dryness!) when this is applied.
Now coming to the 14 Hour Staying Power, yes! it is partially true. True in the sense, it lasted for a longer time than lipsticks usually do, but not 14 hours. I tried it last Saturday morning, left it on till the end of the day. It lasted on me for 7 hours and faded off and mind you, it didn’t fade off evenly. It was patchy.
Final Word: 14 hours staying power is something that would have made my life easier but sad to say, I’m on my way.. 14 hours is just a claim. 😀
  • definitely prefer long staying lippies.. but drying and streaky marks are no no ! This is indeed a bright shade.. would check out more subtle ones 😀

    • 😀 the subtler shades in this collection are also pretty.
      I’ve also had an obsession with bright shades so I always lean towards picking those 😀

  • This is a big NO for me since i have super-dry lips but the shades of this range are soooo tempting :-(

    • true.. this a NO for super dry lips. even I have dry lips but I just bought one to try it .. dont think ill buy any more but the colors are too tempting just like you mentioned

  • Is it too dry for me?? I need lip balms even wit revlon lippies 😛 U stole my heart with tat pic of urs <3

    • yep if you need a lipbalm with revlon lippies then this will def be too drying for you.

      Hehehe 😀 thank you <3 <3 :*

  • its a beautiful shade <3

  • This shade looks lovely on you!

  • your pic is really lovely but thanks for the honest review. the shade you chose is also cute :)
    I tried this lipstick and was so put off by the smell and goopy consistency and now suddenly all bloggers are ga-ga over it because Maybelline sent it to them free.

    • thank you :)

      I thought maybe i was the only one who felt this way since all the reviews I read raved about this one. maybe it just works for a few people though.

  • My lips are normal.. if that exists. 😛 14 hours is not a problem since I don;t mind reapplying. The color looks too gorgeous to resist and your FOTD is making me crave for it all the more!

    • going by your lip swatches, i must say that I’m envious of your “normal” lips 😀

      Thank you <3 :)

  • The shade looks so good on you..

    • Thank you aarthi :) Picked up any color from this collection?

  • Pretty pretty shade… hope it is as good as it looks… yet to try them!!! good review

    • thank you. do try them and let me know what you think :)

  • shade looks damn pretty to u.. but sad, yet to get impressed wid the quality of these 😉

    • thank you Nids..Long wearing lipsticks with the correct formulation would be every lipstick lover’s dream come true!

  • So this is the lippie you used in that adorable pose of yours :) It’s so cute that you had three generations of you smelling the lipstick to figure out the fragrance. That is just so so cute!! awwww :)

    • ha ha yes.. 😀

      yep.. i was pretty confused about the smell so was mom.. and grandmom sniffed it out correctly! 😀

  • Nice Swatch pics Deepika I can’t wear fuchsia :(

  • looks lovely on you… I badly need to check out this range now! :)

  • pretty pretty shade….