Swatch Attack!: 10 Lakme Absolute Creme Lipsticks

By Janani

Bonjour Ladies,

With the recently concluded Lakme fashion week, Lakme decided to introduce new collection of cosmetics into their much appreciated Absolute Range. And today I present the Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick swatches. This is part one of the swatches. Part two will be posted once Lakme Absolute Royal Creme lipsticks are released, which will be sometime next month.
Though on a more personal note I must say that this range bothers me a bit. Most of the lipsticks are shimmery and color payoff is not much to my liking. But there is one shade I will give my heart and soul for. Guess guess ???? :)

Without much ado, here we go (Rhyming !! Wah wah !!)
Royal Rouge & Plum Glimmer

Royal Rouge is a pink with an indeterminable undertone. It has very finely milled silvery shimmer. And the shimmer adds to the beauty of the color.
Plum Glimmer is a deep plummish wine shade. The darkest shade in this collection. It is a non shimmery color with a very creamy finish. Dare to wear this ?? :)
Sheer Berry & Cosmo Pasion
Sheer Berry is a sheer colored lipstick. It is called berry but heavily leans towards the pinkish side. The above swatch is after I rubbed the product on my hand. I absolutely loved this shade, but sadly it was out of stock.
Cosmo Pasion (passion without an ‘s’ .. Less passionate ?? 😛 pardon me; could not resist. 😀 ) is a pink with golden shimmer. This shade is similar to Royal Rouge. Except that this one has golden shimmers instead of silver. And the shimmers are obvious as you will notice in the tube.
Caramel Kiss & Glamour Daze
Caramel Kiss is a sight for sore eyes. Quite literally. This one and runway red were the only colors which stood out for me in this entire range. Caramel Kiss is a sheer brown shade which needs many coats for the color to show up. This caramel Kiss melts my heart for sure.
Glamour Daze, according to me is a shimmer stick with slight color to it. And I think the swatch is self explanatory.
Eternal Wine & Runaway Red
Eternal Wine .. Errrr.. Is a solid muave color with a misnomer (Where is the wine color here ?? Which wine comes in this shade? Please let me know !!!). And my mind just went blank. Gosh I still have two more colors to describe… And they are .. Uhhh hmmm same to same ???!!!
Runaway Red is the only color I would buy. Its a beautiful super creamy red. Love love love !!! <3 But no .. I did not buy this. I am saving up my hopes for the next one, The Red Carpet.
Plum Forever & Deep Blush
Plum Forever is a pretty plum colored lipstick. Super super creamy. This one is a sure shot winner with neutral eyes.
Deep Blush is a little lighter than Eternal wine. A strange mixture of lilac and muave and has slight shimmers which adds to the beauty of the lipstick. Do give this a try if you like strange colored lipsticks. 😉
Did you guys notice something in the pictures? Most lipsticks are shimmery (very finely milled shimmer which blends well with the lipstick except Glamour daze where it is very obvious ) but did you guys notice the colors properly? No ?? Okay, now see the Lakme’s official shade card below..
Now did you notice?? Not yet ?? Okay now see all the colors together in the swatch. If you still don’t notice, then, well … :(
Well, except for Caramel Kiss and Runaway Red, the rest of the collection (that’s 8 out of 10 lipsticks ) belongs to the same family – pinks, lilacs, mauves. The part two i.e. The Lakme Absolute Royal collection promises variety though. And I am looking forward to it.
Did you like the swatches? Do lets us know which one you would buy from this list!
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  • I liked Royal rouge a lot :)

    • Janani comar

      your kinda shade Revs !!! go try it ..

  • Plum Glimmer, Plum Forever, Eternal Wine for me please! 😉

    Btw did you notice that in the shade card, Cosmo Passion has the ‘s’ in it but on the tester piece it is missing.. The same for Runaway Red 😀 😀

    And Happy Birthday babe! <3 <3 :*

    • Janani comar

      i know .. its weird .. the spellings.. and i thought plum glimmer was not ur kind of shade at all ..

      Thanks for the wishes Dee!! that piece on fb was touching !!! :)

    • I don’t know if i can pull it off.. But I really liked it 😀

  • Royal Rouge , runway red and Caramel kiss for me.. beautiful shadesss.. 😉
    Loved teh swatches.. so easy to comapre!! :)

    • Janani comar

      thanks :)
      looks like Royal rouge is a mass fave here !!

  • Runway red is awesome and Lovely shades :)

    • Janani comar

      I am so tempted to buy runaway red … but its just a month and im waiting !!

  • Oh my God! Pretty shades.Sheer Berry and Cosmo Passion are more my color :)

    • Janani comar

      try them out .. :)

  • Royal Rouge is my kinda shade :)

    • Janani comar

      you will totally rock that color .. jaldi go and buy it !! :)

  • I too instantly fell in love with the red clor in this range Deepika.. its superbbbbb .. the SA was after me to buy tht 1 too.. but I skipped it as already have many reds :(
    the plum is another shade i liked :)

    • ohh sorry janani :-*

  • lovely swatches! :)
    love the runway red! so dying to buy it but waiting for red carpet, any idea when does it hit the stores ?