Maybelline Unstoppable Eye Liner: Onyx: Review/Swatch/EOTD

By Janani

Last month for my birthday I had ordered a whole bunch of goodies. One among them was the Maybelline Unstoppable Eye Liner in Onyx. which is being reviewed today on Kohl Kompany.


If I was ever in crisis, Maybelline is one brand I can blindly believe in. They have rescued me many times when I didn’t have a clue on what to use. I did my entire engagement make up with Maybelline products.


And how did this one fare? Read on ….

What Maybelline says about their Unstoppable eye liner:


I have just a few words to describe this one. Dry, dry and horribly dry. :( :@
I got it from EBay, but Snapdeal also has this selling at Rs.275 for 0.28g of the product. Quite expensive for very less quantity. :(


I am not going to rant over this one as I feel it is not worthy of the rant. So I am leaving you with my swatches and eye pics.


I am not recommending this. There are so many more, much better products in market.


This one is a dumber. But the next one has my hearts fluttering all over !!! Stay tuned to read about my love and my most faithful friend/kajal.


Until then
Ciao :)
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  • what a bummer! and you were really excited about this one weren’t you?

    • Yep .. i had such high hopes from this one .. revlon kohl looks promising compared to this ..

  • I thought it would be a good:( badd

  • Looks very dull and dry :-/ Waiting for the next one :)

  • oh bummer, that’s sad. good review though

  • looks very dry!

  • looks very dull and dry

  • ohh noo… its such a bad product :O
    thanxx for the info janani

  • I had the same and how I detested it! it felt waxy, poor on pigmentation and what not!

    • oh exactly what i ranted in my mind .. I actually thought i got a faulty piece, you just confirmed that the entire product is dud !!

    • Nopes! it IS a dud!

  • Ohh .. Such a dud :(
    Nice review though .. Pretty eye swatches :)

  • Dry liners also tug like crazy