The Nature’s Co Coffee Face Scrub: Review

After the disappointing customer service fiasco I had faced at The Nature’s Co. outlet, I had made up my mind not to visit the store again…..ever. But there were a few products which I had purchased earlier and I thought I should review these for the benefit of those of you who want to try out products from this brand. I have 4-5 products to review yet from this brand.
The Nature’s Co. Coffee Scrub is a hit amongst most of us! I was recommended this one by readers and beauty bloggers when I first started exploring this brand and when I got a chance to sample it I was hooked on to it and I went on to purchase the full size.

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The Nature’s Co: A Bad Customer Service Experience

Trust is like a broken mirror. Once it breaks it is difficult to put it back together. I know I’ve started off on a very serious note but it is important in this context of selling products close to the expiry date to customers.
A few days back I had a store review on The Nature’s Co and I had mentioned that the customer service was excellent. Guess what! It turned out sour later on. Read on to know why.